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Cube of Force
By BardRockCafe Posted in on April 30, 2021 0 Comments 3 min read
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Cube of Force: Archive

1. Cube of Force: Let’s Form a Party

Cube of Force: Let’s Form A Party!

A cloaked figure walks into the tavern and makes their way toward a table of adventurers. The other patrons look at the scene while speaking in hushed tones as the stranger sits at the table headed by a motley warrior, a cunning rogue, a humble cleric, and an astute wizard, who each raise their flasks as they await the stranger’s proposal.”

Zendikar Rising introduced the Party mechanic, which puts emphasis on a single player controlling creatures from four unique creature types: Rogues, Clerics, Warriors, and Wizards. Most of the cards from Zendikar Rising that reference the party made it into the cube, and established our earliest archetypal focus would be on tribal effects, especially ones that reward playing those four specific creature types. The party mechanic also comes preloaded with Dungeons and Dragons flavor with cards like Spoils of Adventure and Coveted Prize invoking the feeling of the party claiming treasure after a hard-fought battle, Concerted Defense and Strength of Solidarity representing the power of the party working together, and cards like Journey to Oblivion representing the deadliest adventures your party may encounter.

2. Cube of Force: Let’s Level Up

Cube of Force: Let’s Level Up!

As the party defeats the dragon, they feel a great power rise within themselves, as if the knowledge and experience of the encounter has given them inner strength.

I am, of course, referring to the often-forgotten Level Up mechanic from the original Zendikar block. In case you don’t remember, Level up focused on playing early game, affordable creatures, and sinking mana into them throughout the course of the game to upgrade them into bigger, stronger creatures. For purposes of synergizing with the Party mechanic, I decided to look at what rogues, clerics, warriors, and wizards could help us Level up.

3. Cube of Force: Investigate for Treasure

Welcome back to Cube of Force, the article series where we build a Dungeons and Dragons themed Magic: The Gathering cube step-by-step. Last time, we helped our party gain some experience and level up by going on some adventures! Today, we will start by asking the question: why do players actually go on adventures?

4. Cube of Force: Skill Check! – NEW!

Welcome back to Cube of Force, the article series where we build a Dungeons and Dragons themed Magic: The Gathering cube step-by-step. Last time, we set up our party to go investigating for some treasure. Today, I want to look at adding as many cards with direct analogs from Dungeons and Dragons as we possibly can. We started this last time with the addition of Sleep, but now we can dig into that theme a little deeper.

Decks of Many Things: Curses of Strahd

Welcome back to the Decks of Many things, the article series where I make MTG decks with Dungeons and Dragons themes. Last time, we looked at how Chulane was secretly the Dungeon Master, sending players on quests and adventures. Today, I want to model my deck after one of the most popular Dungeons and Dragons modules: Curse of Strahd.

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