Looking for gamers with an interest in writing or streaming to produce content for a gaming website focused on provocative content dedicated to gaming minorities.


  • Submissions can be one of the following: An article or blog of at least 1,000 words, a podcast, a video, etc.
  • Limited grammatical errors. Posts will be reviewed before publishing for minor errors.


  • Your content belongs to you. By submitting it to SassyGamers.com, you are allowing us to post your content on the front page as needed and certify that you are the owner of said content.
  • There are a few restrictions. Since it is your content, you may post your content elsewhere but we request that you wait one week before doing so. You may also repost content you posted elsewhere onto our website as long as it does not violate your terms elsewhere and keeps with your content themes.
  • SassyGamers.com is not responsible for any breach of contract resulting from your double posting content to our website. (As such, if anyone has a problem with content that was reposted, please be an adult and contact the owner of the post directly.)
  • Content must be safe for work. Despite the fact that SassyGamers.com is made for mature gamers, it is still a public forum and products that are explicit in nature need to be age protected and that is not a feature that we are supporting at this time. If you really want to post about that NSFW game, you’re going to have to censor the goods for now.

Suggested Topics

  • New game reviews for games that might not be seen elsewhere.
  • Opinion column about being an LGBTQ gamer and the issues that do/do not arise when gaming.
  • Opinion column about being a 30+ gamer and the issues that do/do not arise. How has gaming changed? How has the community changed to either support or discourage older gamers?
  • Instructional/Walkthroughs for games not normally seen elsewhere (or if you have a unique take on a classic.)
  • Have an idea? Submit it. Chances are, if you are passionate about it- then it can be done. Just keep to a theme of some kind. Even if your theme is just “About trolls…”. Be consistent.


This is what most people are looking for. SassyGamers.com is willing to pay for quality content. Upon approval, SassyGamers will pay $10 per submission that meets the responsibilities and guidelines. Pay periods are every Wednesday via Venmo if submitted by Tuesday at 11:59PM

SassyGamers holds the right to withhold payment until articles are fully edited and approved by an administrator.

If you are Interested…

Email me at Admin [at] sassygamers.com or DM me on twitter at @gamersgotsass