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ADACA Impressions Review: A True Hidden Gem              

With its impressive depth, myraid of game modes and excellent visual design, ADACA is one of the coolest FPS's you'll play this year.

The ‘Boomer Shooter’ genre has ramped up in recent years. The golden era of DOOM, Unreal Tournament, Quake, and Wolfenstein was an incredibly happy time for many, and they are still being played to this day. No wonder so many indie developers have risen to the occasion, releasing a slew of titles designed to feed […]

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Indie Corner Episode 16: Old and New

As I write today’s indie installment, the rain is coming down in buckets outside. It makes me appreciate some of the nicer things in life, especially when I don’t get caught out in the downpour! We’re on Episode 16 of this series I started late last year, and I’m appreciative of all the support and […]

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Indie Corner Episode 15: Feelin' Hot Hot Hot!

We’re back with another episode of the Indie Corner! We’ve just come through a massive heatwave here locally. I tell you, no air conditioning isn’t fun! I’m slowly getting back with these gaming opinions and impression reviews. I still have a rather large library to make my way through. From keeping track of my gaming […]

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Indie Corner Episode 14: Summer Is Here!

Well, summer has arrived. As I write this, it’s a hot day here in the UK and I’m melting. But it’s just a nice excuse to have ice cream and play some more games! I’m back with another episode of the Indie Corner! Just two games will be covered today, but both of these are […]

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Hidden Gems from the Steam Summer Sale!

Steam Sales. They are enjoyable events, and always terrifying for my bank balance! I always picture my bank account crying whenever a big gaming sale turns up. It certainly spent a while protesting when I paid for my Steam Deck! I have many different projects in the works. I’ve got plenty of indie titles to […]

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My Journey with the Steam Deck!

I’m not sure how to start this one! Hope everyone is doing well lately. This past week I’ve been occupied by my latest addition to my already overflowing handheld collection, Valve’s Steam Deck. I picked up the 256gb version, and so far I’m feeling it is worth the expense! The orders are rolling out more […]

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Indie Corner Episode 13: More Early Access Goodness!

It’s me again with another episode of the Indie Corner! The Steam Summer sale is right upon us, and I have my new Steam Deck on the way. You can bet quite a lot of cash I’ll be doing some reviews and articles on Valve’s greatest invention since Half-Life, but I just need to be […]

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The Halfway Point: Games I've Played Recently!

We’re halfway through the year! Sure, we’ve had some slowdown in major releases lately, but this is already turning out to be a strong year for gaming. At least I do, anyway!. I was going through all my documentation for 2022’s games I’ve played, and the number of solid titles is staggering. While I had […]

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Indie Corner Episode 12: A Break Inbetween

I’m back with a new episode of Indie Corner! It’s been a while since the last episode, as May has been a difficult month for me. Fortunately, I seem to be back on the mend after a rough couple of weeks. I’ve been playing, as usual, quite a few games during my work downtime, and […]

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Old World Impressions Review: A Mighty 4X Title

It’s me again, back with a new review of Old World! I want to thank Mohawk Games and their publisher Hooded Horse for being kind enough to provide me with a copy of the Steam version for review purposes. This is more of an impressions review than anything else, but it’s great to see it […]

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