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Gamedev Interview: Sludge Life 2

In this interview, I had the pleasure of interviewing Terri Vellman, developer of the awesome Sludge Life series! His long awaited sequel SLUDGE LIFE 2 launched a couple of weeks ago, and I got the chance to sit down with him. Hope you all enjoy!

It’s that time once again where it is too warm and humid in the UK! There are many things happening behind the scenes here. Once I have a better idea of my plans moving forward I will be making an update in a future article. So while that’s going on, I’m going to be a […]

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New Study Finds Brains Synchronize While Playing Online Games

In the past two years, online gaming and other forms of social contact have grown in popularity. This trend will likely continue as remote working and investments in social technology increase. And a study conducted by scientists at the University of Helsinki found that it’s possible that while playing online games, players are unintentionally communicating […]

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Reviews and Developer Interviews: My Process

We’re officially in September! While I have several writing projects in the works, I thought I would write something about how my review/interview process works. This year has been my most active yet for writing game articles. While a lot of that has been down to my unemployment and health issues, I just love talking […]

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Gamedev Interview: James Wragg (Creator of Dread Delusion!)

I’m back with a new game dev interview! This one was unfortunately a bit delayed. I’ve just come through a horrific heatwave here in the UK; temps hit 37 celsius where I live. Might not sound too bad, but we don’t have AC, nor do we have any infrastructure really designed for this heat. It […]

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Indie Corner Episode 14: Summer Is Here!

Well, summer has arrived. As I write this, it’s a hot day here in the UK and I’m melting. But it’s just a nice excuse to have ice cream and play some more games! I’m back with another episode of the Indie Corner! Just two games will be covered today, but both of these are […]

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Hidden Gems from the Steam Summer Sale!

Steam Sales. They are enjoyable events, and always terrifying for my bank balance! I always picture my bank account crying whenever a big gaming sale turns up. It certainly spent a while protesting when I paid for my Steam Deck! I have many different projects in the works. I’ve got plenty of indie titles to […]

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Gamedev Interview: Lioncode Games

I’m back! It’s been a busy time for me recently. First of all, my Steam Deck arrived! I will be working on some articles for this at some point, but I wanted to show off a gamedev interview today. This one is with Sergio, solo dev of the awesome mech roguelike known as Mech Armada. […]

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Indie Corner Episode 13: More Early Access Goodness!

It’s me again with another episode of the Indie Corner! The Steam Summer sale is right upon us, and I have my new Steam Deck on the way. You can bet quite a lot of cash I’ll be doing some reviews and articles on Valve’s greatest invention since Half-Life, but I just need to be […]

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Gamedev Interview: Mohawk Games

I recently reviewed Old World: a strange twist on the 4X genre. It’s a blend of Crusader Kings politics and relationships and Civilisation, focusing on the ancient world. After a while on the Epic Store, it finally released on Steam in May. You can check out my impressions review of Old World here: I recently […]

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My Thoughts on Starfield and Nivalis!

It might not have been E3, but we’ve still had some nice announcements. Once again, with the ongoing global pandemic and other problems in the world, we’ve had several notable delays in 2022 releases and beyond. Even so, there’s been a lot of intrigue for the games announced lately. I still had a nice weekend […]

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