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Gamedev Interview: David Lloyd (Flight of Nova)

Our first interview of the year, and it's a banger. David Lloyd has been working on his ambitious (and awesome) space sim Flight of Nova for a couple of years now. Today, I got to sit down with him for a quick chat. Enjoy!

One of my goals for 2024 is to expand developer interviews. Last year saw a major increase in demand, and I want to help support game developers as much as I can. While I work on the next couple of reviews, I sat down with David Lloyd, creator of Flight of Nova. Flight of Nova […]

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Gamedev Interview: Artur Śmiarowski

Soulash 2 launches today, an ambitious as hell world simulator with a ton of promise. Today, I bring you this well-timed interview with its creator!

I have a pretty cool interview to share with you all today. Soulash 2 launches in Early Access later today, but I got the chance to interview its creator: Artur Śmiarowski before his sequel comes out. I rather enjoyed the original Soulash, and Soulash 2 is looking like one hell of an upgrade. I’ll be […]

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Indie Corner Episode 25: Dinos, Castles and Aliens

The penultimate Indie Corner episode brings you three recent indies: Terror of Hermasaurus, Open the Gates and Batora: Lost Haven!

You know, sometimes you look at your gaming backlog and wonder how you will finish it. I stopped thinking about my library as a backlog, choosing instead to call it a sandpit. I play what I want to when I want to. It’s been a gruelling year, but I can always rely on gaming to […]

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An Interview With Hooded Horse

I have a special interview to share with you all today: After TactiCon I was able to get hold of Tim from Hooded Horse for a quick chat. They have some stunning games under their belt!

I have a special little article to share with everyone today! TactiCon was a great event recently: a collaboration between Hooded Horse and Firesquid: you can check out my coverage from clicking on the links below. It was an enjoyable time and I hope they do another one soon. So I’ve talked to the CEO […]

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Gamedev Interview: Spellcast Studios

The Ardenfall demo went live recently: a promising and ambitious indie RPG. Today, I interview the minds behind it!

I hope everyone is doing well! I’ve got another cool interview to share with you all today. One of the coolest demos you can play on PC right now is Ardenfall, an ambitious and fascinating RPG created by Spellcast Studios. While there’s no planned release date for the game yet, you can play the demo […]

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Reviews and Developer Interviews: My Process

We’re officially in September! While I have several writing projects in the works, I thought I would write something about how my review/interview process works. This year has been my most active yet for writing game articles. While a lot of that has been down to my unemployment and health issues, I just love talking […]

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Gamedev Interview: Lioncode Games

I’m back! It’s been a busy time for me recently. First of all, my Steam Deck arrived! I will be working on some articles for this at some point, but I wanted to show off a gamedev interview today. This one is with Sergio, solo dev of the awesome mech roguelike known as Mech Armada. […]

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Gamedev Interview: Himeko Sutori's Creator

Hey guys! I’ve been a bit slow on here lately as I, unfortunately, came down with Covid after dodging it for over two years. Damn. Anyway, while articles will likely be slow by my end for a while, I was able to conduct an interview with Nathaniel Ayer, lead dev of indie turn-based RPG Himeko […]

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Game Dev Interview: King of Soulash

So I’ve been playing a pretty cool new game recently. Soulash is an awesome fantasy roguelike in a vast open world, which has quite a lot of things to delve into. Recently I got the opportunity to interview the developer of this game, Artur. Here are his responses! You can pick up Soulash here: […]

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Game Dev Interview: Bobby Two Hands

I covered Shadows of Forbidden Gods in my most recent Indie Corner: a highly adaptable and complex sandbox about infiltration and corruption. I reached out to the developer recently for an interview. Here are his answers! You can pick up Shadows of Forbidden Gods right here: First of all, tell me about yourself! What […]

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