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Scar Tries: Penkura

After a slight lull, I'm back! Summer Game Fest is one hell of a drug. I've played a ton of these survival RPGs this year, and Penkura has come back from the dead. While I'm only a few hours in, I'm impressed by what Penkura offers.

The weather has been odd here in the UK. It’s either blazing sunlight or torrential rain, and I’ve been caught out in the downpours more than once. Things are going smoothly enough on my end, and you should expect more articles in the coming weeks. I’ve got a dev interview with the lovely mind behind […]

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Scar Tries: Death of A Wish

While I plan to give Death of a Wish more time in a later review, I had to write up my early thoughts. This is an indie title you do not want to miss!

I always appreciate games that challenge me. I appreciate them even more when they give players the option to tweak to their liking. It might be why I struggled to get into Elden Ring. I love the game but I am terrible at it. That’s not the game’s fault of course! It’s me, not you. […]

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Bite Sized Reviews: Taora Survival

Unfortunately I ran into some technical problems with Taora Survival, but there's a solid foundation here for an enjoyable survival game.

Last year, I played a lot of State of Decay 2. This zombie survival game has been through the wars. I remember its appalling technical state in 2020, but after years of content updates State of Decay 2 has become one of my favorite sandbox RPGs to play. There’s just something satisfying about building my […]

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Bite Sized Reviews: Synergy

I've been away for a while! Some big news to announce, as well as a new review. Hope you enjoy!

What a busy couple of weeks it has been! Before I delve into today’s bite-sized review, I have an announcement to make. SteamDeckHQ is one of the definitive channels for everything regarding the hugely successful Steam Deck. The staff there are lovely people, and I’m happy to announce that I recently joined them as a feature […]

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Bite Sized Reviews: Little Odyssey

It is that time again! I have some big updates to share with you all but I have a hankering for relaxing games. Little Odyssey is one of those. And you have a pet turtle.

There’s something oddly relaxing about doing something so mundane. Even taking something as simple as ‘Fantasy Delivery Boy’ into account, I’ve found a strange kinship with games that make boring concepts addictive to play. Death Stranding took that idea and dialled it all the way up to what I call ‘Batshit Insane’. It’s a game […]

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Bite Sized Reviews: Time to Morp

Sometimes all we need is a comfortable colony sim with cute critters. If you're like me, and just need a break from all the cheerful murder simulators and slaughtering peasants, then Time to Morp might be the game for you!

It’s Morping Time! And that wins the award for the least original phrase related to this game in the universe. Great job. What a busy couple of weeks. Between some massive Early Access releases and LucaNarraCon, I’ve digested games like I happily digest cheesecake. Manor Lords, No Rest For the Wicked and Hades 2 are […]

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A Slice of LudoNarraCon

LudoNarraCon is from May 9th to May 13th, and we've got a ton of cool games to try out! This is just a little slice of what's on offer. Happy Weekend and enjoy the festival!

I love it when we get these big indie events. They are a great way to try out a ton of cool games and take a sneak peek at upcoming titles. I want to thank Fellow Traveler for organizing this event! LudoNarraCon runs until May 13th and covers many games that feature the art of […]

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Manor Lords Impressions Review: Incredible Potential (But Worth Playing Now?)

It took a while, but I have my early impressions on Manor Lords! We've seen several massive Early Access releases already this year, but does Manor Lords live up to the lofty expectations? Let's find out. Despite being early in development, I found that Manor Lords offers a lot already.

As I write up my early thoughts on Manor Lords, my laptop’s sitting in the corner, smoking a cigar and happy with life. Why is that? Manor Lords can be fairly punishing on modest hardware, and while my laptop ran decently enough, the poor bastard coughed up his lungs. Thanks to the cloud gaming magic […]

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Bite Sized Reviews: Empires Shall Fall

Advance Wars. A series I hope returns properly as a new game rather than just a remake! Reboot Camp was pretty fun though. Empires of War is a strategy title that takes inspiration from that franchise, and it holds up rather well on its own too.

Advance Wars is one hell of a drug, and Empires Shall Fall might just be the next best thing on PC right now. Fair warning, I ran into some technical issues before writing this. Not a fault of the game, but I had a minor outage on my laptop during some freak hailstorm yesterday. I […]

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Bite Sized Reviews: Bulwark Falconeer Chronicles

Server had to be reset so yep, this is me scrambling to repost! Tomas Sala's chill new game Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles scratches that relaxing game itch, and there isn't really another city builder on the market like this.

Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles is challenging to write about. You can probably tell given how long it has taken me to write this up! It might be one of the most unique games on the market today. While its hands-off style can be overwhelming, I found the extensive freedom refreshing. It is definitely not for everyone, […]

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