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Bite Sized Reviews: Amnesia The Bunker

In today's episode, I cover the chilling and brilliant Amnesia the Bunker. It's been a while since I've played a game I'm terrible at, yet in love with all the same. Fans of immersive horror and non-linear survival games will love this one!

Sometimes, games are so chilling that you’re forced to push through. While I’m a big fan of games that allow all sorts of atrocities, a few games push my comfort zone. It is strange, isn’t it? I can happily force prisoners in my Rimworld colony to fight each other for the right to eat, but […]

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Songs of Silence: Preview Impressions

We're officially back! Things will be slow on here for a while as I get back into writing, but I have my early thoughts regarding the Songs of Silence demo, which you can play right now on Steam!

We’re back! January inches on, and it is that time for more games. The coming weeks will be like a bit of a hangover on here. I have a couple of interviews I held with developers backed up from December, so they will go up first. Then there are the reviews! December was a wild […]

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Bite Sized Reviews: House Flipper 2

Happy New Year! My first review of 2023 will be House Flipper 2. Now, back to my coffee!

Happy New Year! Damn, my New Year’s Eve was uneventful. By that, I mean that I just ate lots, and played some Cyberpunk 2077 and Baldur’s Gate 3. Two awesome games, but now we’re in 2024! That means a new year and new plans. I’m going to be slow on content creation for several weeks […]

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Bite Sized Reviews: Mechajammer

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and is enjoying themselves by being upturned turtles with food. That has been my mantra all week! So, for my final article of 2023, I decided to look into an older game. By old, I mean a couple of years ago — an ambitious title by the name of […]

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Bite Sized Reviews: The Invincible

This will likely be my penultimate article of the year! I will have one more review I plan on publishing before the end of December, but this one covers The Invincible. This strong, narrative-driven title launched last month, and it looks stunning!

I’ve never read anything by Stanislaw Lem, but after playing The Invincible, I might have to. The Invincible — a sci-fi walking sim published by 11 Bit Studios — takes upon the iconic novel of the same name. After receiving a review code for the game last month (thanks to the developers Starward Industries!) and […]

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GOTY 2023: My Top 5 Games

It's time for the grand finale! Six episodes later, and the big one is upon us: my Top 5 games of 2023!

Oh, boy. This year has flown by, and it’s probably been the most difficult year I’ve had in a long time. I’m not the spring chicken I used to be, but it’s been tough, all the same. What a year, huh? While I cannot think of many personal positives for me in 2023, I’ve been […]

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Bite Sized Reviews: Stronghold Definitive Edition

I have a few more reviews up my sleeve! Today I cover the solid remaster of a nostalgic series: Stronghold Definitive Edition.

Stronghold. Now that’s a nostalgia drug, isn’t it? We’re closing in on the end of 2023. What a year, huh? This week will feature my final GOTY episode, including my top five games of the year. While that happens, I still have time for a few more Bite-Sized Review episodes. I’ll be slowing down over […]

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Bite Sized Reviews: Outpath

Nearing the end of 2023, there's still time for me to review some games I've been playing. Today, I have a little impressions review on Outpath!

We’re rapidly approaching Christmas! That means lots of food, comfortable PJs, and watching endless things while sitting like an upturned turtle after all that food. My 2023 GOTY event is approaching its end. There should be only one episode to go — my finale. However, there’s still life in the old dog. I’ll be putting […]

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GOTY 2023: My Own Awards!

My Top 5 games will be revealed very soon. In the meantime, I thought about some of my own awards. No celebrity stuff taking up valuable time, just my rambles about video games. On that note, hope you enjoy!

I wasn’t sure how to do this article. So far, I have covered twenty games for this year’s GOTY event. While this year is not as large as my GOTY event in 2022, it is still a massive undertaking. It’s been one of those times, you know? I’m going to spend today talking about this […]

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GOTY 2023: 10-6

It is time for the big one! In the first part of my Top 10, I cover the 'bottom' half of my Top 10 favourite games of 2023.

The time has finally arrived for my Top 10 list! I’ve been writing this series since 2017 and always had fun doing so. Last year was probably the most expansive series I ever wrote, and while this year might be even more challenging to create a definitive Top 10 list, it might be my most […]

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