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Unique RPGs on the Steam Deck You Must Try!

Today I talk about two great RPGs that run great on the Steam Deck: indie release Dread Delusion and critically acclaimed total conversion mod for Skyrim, Enderal Forgotten Stories

We’re back with a brand new article on the Steam Deck! We’ve had a busy month here; easily the most productive month I’ve had! That will hopefully continue into the final few months of this year, and I have a massive amount of content in the works to share with you all. Today, I chat […]

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Indie Corner Episode 15: Feelin' Hot Hot Hot!

We’re back with another episode of the Indie Corner! We’ve just come through a massive heatwave here locally. I tell you, no air conditioning isn’t fun! I’m slowly getting back with these gaming opinions and impression reviews. I still have a rather large library to make my way through. From keeping track of my gaming […]

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Indie Corner Episode 14: Summer Is Here!

Well, summer has arrived. As I write this, it’s a hot day here in the UK and I’m melting. But it’s just a nice excuse to have ice cream and play some more games! I’m back with another episode of the Indie Corner! Just two games will be covered today, but both of these are […]

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Game Dev Interview: Bobby Two Hands

I covered Shadows of Forbidden Gods in my most recent Indie Corner: a highly adaptable and complex sandbox about infiltration and corruption. I reached out to the developer recently for an interview. Here are his answers! You can pick up Shadows of Forbidden Gods right here: First of all, tell me about yourself! What […]

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7 Things to Note When Starting Roblox

Roblox has been stirring up quite the news in the gaming industry lately, especially amongst the younger generation of budding gamers. So naturally, you would want to know what it is about or join in on the hype. In that case, we’ve noted down some important points for you to be aware of before jumping into the platform or allowing your impressionable children to join it.

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Police Simulator: A Day in the Life

Today we will be talking about Police Simulator:Patrol Officers. This game is one of the best police sims out there. Want to know more ? Click here for more

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Suchart! Review: A Giant in Art Creation

I’m no artist, but this game sure makes me feel like one. SuchArt! Genius Artist Simulator might be the most anticipated game of 2021 for me as soon as I heard about it. This incredible project was developed by a single person in Voolgi, and published by HypeTrain Digital. This well-named publisher has backed several […]

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The Life and Times of Tybalt Greenlocke: The Goddess

Journal Entry 4, 1322 AGW, 20 Days after my 700th birthday. An extra set of clothes, a crowbar, a bedroll, a dagger, a small hammer, a hunting trap, 7 days rations, rope, a tinderbox, 10 gold pieces, and a waterskin. That’s what my mother packed for me. Combine that with my leather armor and my […]

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The Last Spell: New Punishments, Old School Style!

The indie scene really has picked up speed this year. I’ve lost count of the number of great games by independent studios crop up in the past few years, and the boom has been great for the industry. Some of my favorite games have come from these small developers in recent years, with examples such […]

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