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Price of Progress, A Poem about Praetor Jin-Gitaxias

October 11, 2022

And another of my poem thingies, next on in the Praetor order is Jin-Gitaxias. This one is kinda short and has some weird words… intentionally, I want to say, since I figure that if you’d tell him to write a poem, he’d just use some search engine to find words that rhyme with each other, […]

By Melanpiriks Blog, Magic the Gathering

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An Interview With Hooded Horse

I have a special interview to share with you all today: After TactiCon I was able to get hold of Tim from Hooded Horse for a quick chat. They have some stunning games under their belt!

October 10, 2022

I have a special little article to share with everyone today! TactiCon was a great event recently: a collaboration between Hooded Horse and Firesquid: you can check out my coverage from clicking on the links below. It was an enjoyable time and I hope they do another one soon. So I’ve talked to the CEO […]

By TheThousandScar Gamedev Interviews, Gaming, PC

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Facing Our Fears in Fobia: St. Dinfna Hotel - A Review

October 8, 2022

Back in 2017 when Resident Evil 7 first came out, I was excited for a multitude of reasons. Chief amongst them, of course, was my undying love for the Resident Evil franchise and my eagerness to see it taken off of Capcom’s back burner. It had already been five years since the last mainline entry in the series, and although Resident Evil: Revelations 2 had been an excellent spin-off to tide me over, The extremely unpopular release of Umbrella Corps had left me worried about the franchise’s future.

By SpeakableCassie Gaming, PC, Reviews

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Gamedev Interview: Pahris Entertainment

Space Wreck is one of my most anticipated games right now. I played some of the non-linear RPG demo this summer and had a blast. I was able to get an interview with the awesome guys behind it!

October 7, 2022

We’re continuing our interview boom! It’s been an incredible few weeks for the website, and I hope to keep that going! Demos are amazing for gaming because they give the consumers a chance to experience a slice of the product. Even if there are debates on how useful they are for developers, I’m always fortunate […]

By TheThousandScar Gamedev Interviews, Gaming, Indie Games, PC

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Gamedev Interview: Spellcast Studios

The Ardenfall demo went live recently: a promising and ambitious indie RPG. Today, I interview the minds behind it!

October 6, 2022

I hope everyone is doing well! I’ve got another cool interview to share with you all today. One of the coolest demos you can play on PC right now is Ardenfall, an ambitious and fascinating RPG created by Spellcast Studios. While there’s no planned release date for the game yet, you can play the demo […]

By TheThousandScar Gamedev Interviews, Gaming, Indie Games, PC

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SpeakableCassie's Ominous October Spookathon: Part 3    

October 4, 2022

SpeakableCassie runs through her third annual Ominous October Spookathon event, with plenty of horror game recommendations to go around!

By SpeakableCassie Console, Gaming, PC

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Changing Order: A Poem About Liyue from Genshin Impact

Another poem about Genshin Impact, this time the country of Liyue. I had a lot of trouble with this one because thinking about it more... Liyue is difficult to track down what the main mood of the country is. Hope it's still enjoyable.

October 3, 2022

Gold and justice are the sameBoth pay heavy prices The sun rises over highest mountain peakBathing glorious places in its lightBlue seas, forgotten caves and trees wideProtected by guardians through day and night So it was, so it never is againReason hard to comprehendLet now to a new age whenThe faithful, their divine order bend […]

By Melanpiriks Blog, Gaming

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Indie Corner Episode 21: A Busy Month

Back with a new episode of The Indie Corner! I review Roadwarden, Gloomwood and Absolute Tactics: Daughter's of Mercy today, three promising indie games!

September 30, 2022

Episode 20 was a special occasion, and I’m blown away by the feedback and responses I’ve received from people. I love showcasing games I’ve played, though I’ve been focusing the series on indie titles released this year. It’s a perfect series to show off how strong the indie gaming industry has been in 2022. I […]

By TheThousandScar Gaming, Indie Games, PC, Reviews

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Gamedev Interview: Francis Clark (Ctrl Alt Ego)

Today, I interview Francis Clark, developer of the excellent immersive sim Ctrl Alt Ego. This game seriously needs more attention.

September 28, 2022

So I’ve been playing a lot of games lately. With so many out there, sometimes we get amazing games which just don’t get the attention they deserve. One of these games is Ctrl Alt Ego, a fascinating immersive sim exploring robotics, hacking and survival. I didn’t even hear about it until recently which was a […]

By TheThousandScar Gamedev Interviews, Gaming, Indie Games, New, PC

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The Purest Cause - A Poem About Elesh Norn (Magic: The Gathering)

September 25, 2022

The Purest Cause – A Poem About Elesh Norn This time writing about the leader of New Phyrexia, Elesh Norn. Plan is to do one of these for every Praetor… let’s see how far I actually get with that. Join the family, my child… For too long, everything tries to resistWe have always and always […]

By Melanpiriks Blog, Gaming, Magic the Gathering

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Exploring TactiCon: Early Impressions!

I had the opportunity to play some really cool games for this weekend, big thanks to Firesquid and Hooded Horse for the occasion!

September 24, 2022

I would like to thank Hooded Horse and Firesquid for hosting this event. Strategy games are seeing somewhat of a resurgence in the last couple of years, and these guys have done great in supporting those brave enough to tackle the market. TactiCon is currently available on Steam until the 26th, and covers a host […]

By TheThousandScar Gaming, Indie Games, PC, Reviews

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Announcing TacticCon: Press Release! September 22nd-26th

September 22, 2022

A press release? I don’t do these often! However, we’ve got an awesome event on Steam this weekend and I wanted to showcase it. TactiCon is hosted by Firesquid and Hooded Horse, and will celebrate dozens of indie strategy and tactical games. I want to thank them for giving me the opportunity to help cover […]

By TheThousandScar Gaming, Promo

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