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Scar Tries: Death of A Wish

While I plan to give Death of a Wish more time in a later review, I had to write up my early thoughts. This is an indie title you do not want to miss!

I always appreciate games that challenge me. I appreciate them even more when they give players the option to tweak to their liking. It might be why I struggled to get into Elden Ring. I love the game but I am terrible at it. That’s not the game’s fault of course! It’s me, not you. […]

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Bite Sized Reviews: Synergy

I've been away for a while! Some big news to announce, as well as a new review. Hope you enjoy!

What a busy couple of weeks it has been! Before I delve into today’s bite-sized review, I have an announcement to make. SteamDeckHQ is one of the definitive channels for everything regarding the hugely successful Steam Deck. The staff there are lovely people, and I’m happy to announce that I recently joined them as a feature […]

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Bite Sized Reviews: Time to Morp

Sometimes all we need is a comfortable colony sim with cute critters. If you're like me, and just need a break from all the cheerful murder simulators and slaughtering peasants, then Time to Morp might be the game for you!

It’s Morping Time! And that wins the award for the least original phrase related to this game in the universe. Great job. What a busy couple of weeks. Between some massive Early Access releases and LucaNarraCon, I’ve digested games like I happily digest cheesecake. Manor Lords, No Rest For the Wicked and Hades 2 are […]

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A Slice of LudoNarraCon

LudoNarraCon is from May 9th to May 13th, and we've got a ton of cool games to try out! This is just a little slice of what's on offer. Happy Weekend and enjoy the festival!

I love it when we get these big indie events. They are a great way to try out a ton of cool games and take a sneak peek at upcoming titles. I want to thank Fellow Traveler for organizing this event! LudoNarraCon runs until May 13th and covers many games that feature the art of […]

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Bite Sized Reviews: Empires Shall Fall

Advance Wars. A series I hope returns properly as a new game rather than just a remake! Reboot Camp was pretty fun though. Empires of War is a strategy title that takes inspiration from that franchise, and it holds up rather well on its own too.

Advance Wars is one hell of a drug, and Empires Shall Fall might just be the next best thing on PC right now. Fair warning, I ran into some technical issues before writing this. Not a fault of the game, but I had a minor outage on my laptop during some freak hailstorm yesterday. I […]

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Bite Sized Reviews: Let's School

And we are back to school! Not really, thank god for that. However, Let's School by Pathea Games might just get you in the mood to play a cosy management sim!

I’ve loved management games since I was young. The very first ones I played were the Bullfrog sims, like Theme Park and Theme Hospital. With such a diverse pool of games in this genre, I am spoiled for choice. The last few weeks have been a wild ride, haven’t they? I’m just about on track […]

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Bite Sized Reviews: Thyria

Thyria offers more customization and freedom to experiment with its mechanics than most dungeon crawlers, although I found it confusing at times. Still, this is a gorgeous strategy game with a fantastic setting!

I’ll be honest. When I sat down to write up my thoughts on this game, I was stumped on what to talk about. That doesn’t happen often for me. There are times when I get stuck on a video game, and then I struggle with converting my thoughts into words. For example, if I’m terrible […]

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Zoria Age of Shattering Preview

Zoria Age of Shattering launched recently, and I got the chance to play it early. While it's a little rough around the edges, its a meaty RPG with enough heart to match its ambition!

I’ve been looking forward to Zoria Age of Shattering. The tactical RPG genre has long been one of my favourite genres, and 2023’s unparalleled success in Baldur’s Gate 3 has inspired a whole new generation. If you haven’t played Larian’s most recent masterpiece, give it a go sometime. I’m not here to gush about Baldur’s […]

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Bite Sized Reviews: Dungeons 4

I've been meaning to do this one for a while! Dungeons 4 launched late last year, and is the most recent in the Dungeons series. After a six year gap, does it live up to expectations? Find out!

While I play a ton of different games these days, it’s easy to get me back to the old days. Age of Empires, Dungeon Keeper, Fable, Black and White, Empire Earth, and Impossible Creatures were the games of my childhood. Dungeon Keeper’s awesome base management as an evil overlord always impressed me with its creativity. […]

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Bite Sized Previews: Myth of Empires

MMO’s. Once the genre to beat, very few MMOs find solid success these days. This is largely due to the ‘Big Fish in a Small Pond’ philosophy. With World of Warcraft, Runescape, Elder Scrolls Online, and Final Fantasy 14 leading the pack, there’s a finite resource of people willing to invest time and money into […]

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