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Bite Sized Reviews: The Night Before Christmas

We have a surprise duo of reviews today! Come in and get warm by the fire as I cover Beyond Sunset and Astlibra Revision.

Taking a little break in the big GOTY series with some more Bite Sized reviews! It has been a busy and brutal year. As much as I enjoy covering games and writing all about them, this annual GOTY series is always hard work. I know my Christmas plans will be relaxation only. No reviewing, no […]

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Gamedev Interview: Artur Śmiarowski

Soulash 2 launches today, an ambitious as hell world simulator with a ton of promise. Today, I bring you this well-timed interview with its creator!

I have a pretty cool interview to share with you all today. Soulash 2 launches in Early Access later today, but I got the chance to interview its creator: Artur Śmiarowski before his sequel comes out. I rather enjoyed the original Soulash, and Soulash 2 is looking like one hell of an upgrade. I’ll be […]

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GOTY 2023: Best of Early Access (Part 2)

This went up a little earlier than I expected! In the second of my GOTY series, I discuss the other best of Early Access titles. From USC: Counterforce to Mortal Sin, there's a little something for everyone.

Welcome to the second part of my 2023 GOTY series! Previously, I discussed some of my favourite Early Access releases of the year. We’re continuing that today. Read Part 1 by clicking on the link down below: Cyber Knights: Flashpoint Trese Brothers make cool games and are some of the most passionate developers I have […]

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Bite Sized Double Bill: Night Before Christmas

This might be my last bite sized review episode until my GOTY series, so I'm covering two games today!

We’re approaching that time of year again! The month of Christmas trees, eating a ton of food, and all those Game of the Year award ceremonies. Oh, and the weather gets too cold for my liking. Congrats to Baldurs Gate 3 for sweeping most of the Golden Joystick awards! I originally planned on stopping my […]

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Bite Sized Reviews: Mini Continental Saga

I love trying out games that veer off the beaten path, and Mini Continental Saga is one of the weirdest games I've played this year. It's not half bad either! It won't win any prizes for graphics or the interface, but it's an enjoyable, semi-unique game with plenty to offer!

Some games are weird. That’s a good thing. I’ve played a ton of weird games in my time. Fable, Black and White, Elex, Biomutant, the Spellforce franchise, Spore, and The Stanley Parable are just a few. So when I saw Mini Continental Saga’s release, I was surprised to see it had no reviews at all. […]

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Bite Sized Reviews: Thief Simulator 2

In today's article, I delve into Thief Simulator 2, an impressive simulator developed by Cookie Dev!

Ah, video games. Entertainment is where we can fulfil all our vices without being judged. I could not say that with a straight face, but it’s amazing how much variety exists in the video game industry. You can explore the universe, run around fantasy worlds, run as a private mercenary in a dystopia city, build […]

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Bite Sized Reviews: Ooblets

Well, it took a while for Ooblets to come to Steam, didn’t it? I’m so glad it did. Happy October, the month of spooky things, ghosts, and eating a ton of sugary snacks. I love Halloween, so I might do something special for it. Anyhow, no rambling intros from me today, so let’s jump right […]

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Gamedev Interview: Videoverse

I'm back with a new interview!  Lucy Blundell's Videoverse is a stunning visual novel, and I finally got the chance to talk with her about game development. I hope you all enjoy!

I am back with a new interview! We’ve already featured the excellent Videoverse in a previous review: go check that out down below! I was able to get hold of the developer Lucy for a quick chat about game development and crop rotations, so I hope you enjoy! I’m still battling some sickness but I […]

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Bite Sized Reviews: Wargroove 2

With its expanded campaign, impressive roguelike mode and a slew of improvements, Wargroove 2 is a solid sequel and a great strategy RPG in its own right.

Damn, September was a gigantic month for game releases, but October is no slouch either. It’s starting to get colder here in the UK, although it is still bright and sunny outside while I’m typing up these rambles. I am also recovering from a nasty second bout of covid last week. It picks its moments, […]

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Bite Sized Reviews: Untamed Tactics

In today's Bite Sized Review, I feature Untamed Tactics: a quirky tactical RPG based on the board game Untamed Feral Factions. Provided some of the more annoying bugs get fixed, this is a pretty nice game!

It’s been a slow time here at Bite-Sized Reviews. Between battling fibromyalgia and a second dose of Covid, I’ve been out of action longer than I would like. While I’m in recovery, these will be more sporadic for a while. It sucks because I love playing games and writing about them. However, I do need […]

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