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Learning to Enjoy Flawed Games

I ended up with more flawed games I enjoy playing, so decided to continue! Today, I cover Fallout 4, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Rain has finally arrived! That sounds weird, seeing how I live in the UK and it’s usually notorious for how much miserable rainfall we get. This summer has been different, but finally it seems I get a break from the heat, at least for a little while. In my last Flawed Games title, I covered […]

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Exploring Uncharted Waters: Experimenting with The Steam Deck

If there is one thing the Steam Deck is excelling at, it is allowing me to play some of my gigantic game library. Welcome to another part of my Steam Deck series! I’ve owned the device for over a month now, and it’s become part of my daily routine. One nice thing to do has […]

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My Journey with the Steam Deck: Reviving my Love for the Gaming Handheld

I hope everyone is keeping okay! I’ve owned my Steam Deck for about a month now. It’ll be over a month by the time this article goes live. While it’s not a perfect device, by all means, I’m impressed by Valve’s first serious attempt at breaking into the handheld PC market. It still needs some […]

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My Journey with the Steam Deck!

I’m not sure how to start this one! Hope everyone is doing well lately. This past week I’ve been occupied by my latest addition to my already overflowing handheld collection, Valve’s Steam Deck. I picked up the 256gb version, and so far I’m feeling it is worth the expense! The orders are rolling out more […]

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Gamedev Interview: Mohawk Games

I recently reviewed Old World: a strange twist on the 4X genre. It’s a blend of Crusader Kings politics and relationships and Civilisation, focusing on the ancient world. After a while on the Epic Store, it finally released on Steam in May. You can check out my impressions review of Old World here: I recently […]

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My Thoughts on Starfield and Nivalis!

It might not have been E3, but we’ve still had some nice announcements. Once again, with the ongoing global pandemic and other problems in the world, we’ve had several notable delays in 2022 releases and beyond. Even so, there’s been a lot of intrigue for the games announced lately. I still had a nice weekend […]

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How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Switch

A brief glimpse into SpeakableCassie’s tortured relationship with the Nintendo Switch!

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How to be a Pokemon Master: Ranking Every Mainline Pokemon Game! Part 1

It took two years, but I finally ended up with Covid. It has taken me a while to push through it. I spent a lot of my time curled up in bed with Lemsip, painkillers, and stuff to pass the time, and a lot of that was Pokemon. I recently finished Ultra Sun for my […]

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The Start of Something Momumentous: An Indie Compendium

Time for something a bit different! I’ve been planning a colossal project this year. Ever since I started seriously writing about video games, I took a big interest in the indie scene. While many of these guys don’t have the budget and reach of bigger companies, there are amazing products to be had. The independent […]

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Exploring The Horrors Of Psychology And Identity in Martha Is Dead – A Review

“Giulia must come with me, I demanded, but they both claimed to be Martha…”

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