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Voxlands Preview Impressions

In today's article, I cover the demo build of Voxlands: an impressive voxel based sandbox game from the veins of Minecraft. This game looks pretty damn gorgeous, and there's a demo to play right now as part of Steam Next Fest!

I got the chance to preview the upcoming voxel-survival game Voxlands. More on that soon, because it’s impossible to mention Voxlands without bringing up its inspiration. That, of course, is Minecraft. Calling Minecraft a successful game is like calling ******* ‘a big planet’. Even more than the Pokemon games, Minecraft developed its reputation as the […]

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Bite Sized Reviews: Lonestar Early Impressions

The first of many reviews to come! The past week has been big for gaming habits. Today I feature the space Western roguelike Lonestar, boasting great music and promising deckbuilding mechanics.

We have some busy weeks ahead! Before I delve into today’s review, a couple of little things first. I hope everyone’s keeping well. We’re approaching the end of January and the past week has resulted in a deluge of new opportunities. Huge thanks to all the great developers granting access to creators like me! February […]

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Gamedev Interview: David Lloyd (Flight of Nova)

Our first interview of the year, and it's a banger. David Lloyd has been working on his ambitious (and awesome) space sim Flight of Nova for a couple of years now. Today, I got to sit down with him for a quick chat. Enjoy!

One of my goals for 2024 is to expand developer interviews. Last year saw a major increase in demand, and I want to help support game developers as much as I can. While I work on the next couple of reviews, I sat down with David Lloyd, creator of Flight of Nova. Flight of Nova […]

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Bite Sized Reviews: The Longing

The Longing is technically too long a game for me to review yet. It's over 400 days long, after all! So enjoy my early impressions and I will return to it in another episode later in the year. Gotta make sure the little Shade does his job!

So…. This isn’t a review, of sorts. Yep, my title isn’t the most accurate for this game. The Longing is a 400-day-long game, after all. You heard that correctly. The Longing is a few years old now, launching back in May 2020. That was smack in the middle of worldwide lockdowns during the Covid pandemic. […]

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Songs of Silence: Preview Impressions

We're officially back! Things will be slow on here for a while as I get back into writing, but I have my early thoughts regarding the Songs of Silence demo, which you can play right now on Steam!

We’re back! January inches on, and it is that time for more games. The coming weeks will be like a bit of a hangover on here. I have a couple of interviews I held with developers backed up from December, so they will go up first. Then there are the reviews! December was a wild […]

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GOTY 2023: My Top 5 Games

It's time for the grand finale! Six episodes later, and the big one is upon us: my Top 5 games of 2023!

Oh, boy. This year has flown by, and it’s probably been the most difficult year I’ve had in a long time. I’m not the spring chicken I used to be, but it’s been tough, all the same. What a year, huh? While I cannot think of many personal positives for me in 2023, I’ve been […]

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Bite Sized Reviews: Outpath

Nearing the end of 2023, there's still time for me to review some games I've been playing. Today, I have a little impressions review on Outpath!

We’re rapidly approaching Christmas! That means lots of food, comfortable PJs, and watching endless things while sitting like an upturned turtle after all that food. My 2023 GOTY event is approaching its end. There should be only one episode to go — my finale. However, there’s still life in the old dog. I’ll be putting […]

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GOTY 2023: My Own Awards!

My Top 5 games will be revealed very soon. In the meantime, I thought about some of my own awards. No celebrity stuff taking up valuable time, just my rambles about video games. On that note, hope you enjoy!

I wasn’t sure how to do this article. So far, I have covered twenty games for this year’s GOTY event. While this year is not as large as my GOTY event in 2022, it is still a massive undertaking. It’s been one of those times, you know? I’m going to spend today talking about this […]

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GOTY 2023: 10-6

It is time for the big one! In the first part of my Top 10, I cover the 'bottom' half of my Top 10 favourite games of 2023.

The time has finally arrived for my Top 10 list! I’ve been writing this series since 2017 and always had fun doing so. Last year was probably the most expansive series I ever wrote, and while this year might be even more challenging to create a definitive Top 10 list, it might be my most […]

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GOTY 2023: Honorable Mentions

Happy December! It's pretty cold here, but that's just an excuse to stay in and game. I have five brilliant games to share today, all fantastic experiences that just missed my Top 10 of the year.

It is safe to say that I’ve had enormous difficulty narrowing down my games to a Top 10. Every game on this Honorable Mentions list today was in the Top 10 at some point, with several on the list for months before my final tally. I guess we can call this the Top 15? But […]

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