Bite Sized Reviews: Our Adventurer Guild

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Bite Sized Reviews: Our Adventurer Guild

Time for a new review! I’ve been a little more organized than I have been lately. With plenty of games to cover, I am working on a new host of game reviews and interviews over the coming weeks. We are a small team here, but I could not be happier with the progress. It feels like we are making a difference, especially for indie developers. This is always a chill place for everyone, and I have received excellent feedback from readers and developers both. Keep it up! Today, I feature Our Adventurer’s Guild.

This unique strategy RPG will leave Early Access in April. Big thanks to the developer GreenGuy for granting me access to the game! To be honest, I had not heard of this game before a random search on Steam a couple of weeks ago. As someone who enjoys discovering hidden gems, I was a bit disappointed in myself for not discovering it sooner. However, it’s better late than never!

Our Adventurer Guild launched last summer, and after spending around 10 hours messing about with the game’s many mechanics, I am baffled that it does not have more reviews. It’s currently sitting at 100 per cent positive reviews on Steam, but it is still fewer than one hundred. Hopefully, the full launch in April will boost sales and positive reviews, because this is one hell of a sleeper hit. It is the type of game that hits all the right spots. From the deep character customization, hilarious dialogue, impressive mechanics, and the right balance of difficulty, this is one of the most refreshing strategy titles I’ve played in recent years. That all comes with a generous price tag, and did I mention it plays great on the Steam Deck? Oh yeah, that too.

It starts with a little tutorial, like most games do. Leading a little band of adventurers, the game takes players through the basics. Missions take place on a randomized map grid with a mix of things to do. This can include resources to gather, random events, skill checks for different objects on the map, and combat encounters. While you cannot save during a mission, these maps don’t take long to complete. Our Adventurer Guild’s tutorial lasts for a while, but the in-game tips section makes it easy to check on mechanics. Once the player reaches the guild fortress, the game opens up gradually from there. It is the usual management shenanigans. Recruiting new cannon fodder, buying new equipment, training the warriors with new abilities and picking up missions. While it might not do anything brand new, the game handles all of these incredibly well.

Also, the writing. The constant mutual hatred between the Main Character and his lady had me in stitches. At least I think it is his lady, but regardless, the dialogue in this game is fantastic. Every time I completed a mission I always clicked on the dialogs just to see what conversations were available. All the companions and mercenaries you can recruit will interact with each other, and relationships matter. Sometimes events kick in that will affect them, which can impact their effectiveness in combat.

Speaking of combat. These are the usual turn-based tactics shenanigans on a small grid map, with a diverse range of enemies. Characters come with a wide range of classes and skill sets to learn, as well as traits that make them unique: this helps with replayability and requires careful curation to keep on top of the missions. It’s the usual combat system like other similar games, but Our Adventurer Guild performs a solid job overall.

With all the different ways to customize your team of heroes before a mission, I’ve had a blast. This might not be as long an article as I usually write, but sometimes you do not require much. Our Adventurer’s Guild is a great addition to the strategy genre, combining the best elements of party management and exploration.

For 15 dollars, you will struggle to find a more enjoyable game. Good luck for the full launch, GreenGuy!

A well crafted guild management sim with plenty to offer for the generous price tagVery few negatives I can think of. The only one maybe is the graphics? They don’t win any prizes for visual beauty, but that isn’t even a bad mark against it.
Hilarious writing and dialogueNo dedicated controller support yet
Many ways to customize your party
Steam Deck playable

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