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The Purest Cause - A Poem About Elesh Norn (Magic: The Gathering)
By Melanpiriks Posted in Blog, Gaming, Magic the Gathering on September 25, 2022 0 Comments 1 min read
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The Purest Cause – A Poem About Elesh Norn

This time writing about the leader of New Phyrexia, Elesh Norn.
Plan is to do one of these for every Praetor… let’s see how far I actually get with that.

Join the family, my child…

For too long, everything tries to resist
We have always and always will persist
Unifying seen as the worst of fates
When it would wipe away all the states
War, discrimination, all other trouble we shall take
Everlasting peace is what we shall make

The purest cause, the highest call
Wrong and rotten flesh will fall
Life is evaluated too high a price
A road only leading to all demise
Therefore, our purest cause will rise
Cleansing worlds from every lie

Unconditional and undying is my love
Once the shell is removed by our craft
Tenderly you are accepted in our fold
Be blessed by the glistening black gold
Let go of pesky ego, let us mold
You into an existence to behold
Until in unison you too have told

The purest cause, the mightiest line
Through every existence we shall shine
Unable to escape our embrace
Evaluated to a higher grace
Every imperfection erased
Holding gently the newborn

And when you walk out there, prayer ready
Your friends crying monster, voice unsteady
Know, my child, in our work we are just
Eliminating envy, sloth, wrath and lust
Until with prideful face they too see
Ours is the cause for eternity

Betray means nothing before me
Adoring even the broken you
Until my height even topples He
And the whole multiverse are we

The purest cause, the epitome
Bodies made of shiniest chrome
Grins beautifully encased in bone
Cacophony of the highest tone
Everything only exist to hone

All will be One
As all should be

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