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GOTY 2022: Interlude and Awards

With one episode to go in my 2022 GOTY series, I wanted to use today's installment for some awards and recognitions. Some of these are serious while others are silly, but hey, my awards ceremony, my rules!

Welcome, everyone! It’s been a productive few weeks here, and I’m nearly ready to announce my top five favourite games of the year. It’s been one of my most significant GOTY events yet, and I’m blown away by all the feedback I’ve received from my readers. It’s been my most successful year doing this, and […]

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Tree of Hunger, a Poem about Phyrexian Praetor, Vorinclex

Hey, here’s the last of the New Phyrexian Praetors finally! The fun fact this time is that all 5 of them have a reference to some other franchise in there somewhere (would think Urabrask got the most popular one)… simply because I noticed that in the Sheoldred one, I did it on accident and then […]

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Seeing Red, A Poem about the Dark Side

Hey, here I am with another weird poem thing. Enjoy! There’s nothing of value in this galaxyExcept IDeify me and my excellencyOr say goodbye The darkest corners are my homeSwamps, cities, or tombs of stoneEverywhere you see meNowhere my traces bePower impressively focusedFor those that are never three Anger and passion are a coin, the […]

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Forge of Freedom, a Poem about Phyrexian Praetor, Urabrask

Here’s the next Phyrexian Praetor, Urabrask… one thing I noticed while going down the WUBRG order is that the further one gets, the lesser is known about the Praetor (Vorinclex might not be as mysterious as Urabrask, but that’s mostly because the red one actually gets more focus to explain his mysteries). Anyway, enough of […]

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Unforeseen, A Poem about Eldritch Dreams

Happy Halloween! I don’t really celebrate but since I was writing something about just… Eldritch vibes, really, why not publish that today? Originally this was (yet another) attempt of mine to write a song of sorts… I’m sure one can sing this if one wants but maybe it’s better to ignore that part and just […]

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Voices of Ambition: A Poem about Praetor Sheoldred

Here I am again! With another poem thing for Sheoldred, one of the New-Phyrexian Praetors from Magic: The Gathering. This actually is the second one I ever wrote, right after “Ballad to Madness” but I then decided to publish the Praetor ones in WUBRG order. That’s all the fun facts I have here, enjoy! Can […]

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Forever Fight: A Poem about Inazuma from Genshin Impact

Took a while but here’s my poem about Genshin’s region of Inazuma (or more accurately the Archon that rules it). Ei is so far my favourite character in the gayme so I really tried to make this good.

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Price of Progress, A Poem about Praetor Jin-Gitaxias

And another of my poem thingies, next on in the Praetor order is Jin-Gitaxias. This one is kinda short and has some weird words… intentionally, I want to say, since I figure that if you’d tell him to write a poem, he’d just use some search engine to find words that rhyme with each other, […]

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Changing Order: A Poem About Liyue from Genshin Impact

Another poem about Genshin Impact, this time the country of Liyue. I had a lot of trouble with this one because thinking about it more... Liyue is difficult to track down what the main mood of the country is. Hope it's still enjoyable.

Gold and justice are the sameBoth pay heavy prices The sun rises over highest mountain peakBathing glorious places in its lightBlue seas, forgotten caves and trees wideProtected by guardians through day and night So it was, so it never is againReason hard to comprehendLet now to a new age whenThe faithful, their divine order bend […]

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The Purest Cause - A Poem About Elesh Norn (Magic: The Gathering)

The Purest Cause – A Poem About Elesh Norn This time writing about the leader of New Phyrexia, Elesh Norn. Plan is to do one of these for every Praetor… let’s see how far I actually get with that. Join the family, my child… For too long, everything tries to resistWe have always and always […]

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