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Changing Order: A Poem About Liyue from Genshin Impact
Another poem about Genshin Impact, this time the country of Liyue. I had a lot of trouble with this one because thinking about it more... Liyue is difficult to track down what the main mood of the country is. Hope it's still enjoyable.
By Melanpiriks Posted in Blog, Gaming on October 3, 2022 0 Comments 1 min read
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Gold and justice are the same
Both pay heavy prices

The sun rises over highest mountain peak
Bathing glorious places in its light
Blue seas, forgotten caves and trees wide
Protected by guardians through day and night

So it was, so it never is again
Reason hard to comprehend
Let now to a new age when
The faithful, their divine order bend

Worship of dragon, lights and stove
Overshadowed by the most golden trove
Past glories of demons five
Sacrificed their normal life

New guardians, formerly well-protected
Will grant no evil any break
Whether it is from those elected
Or those living in law’s shade

Old rocks better left unturned
History who has its rest earned
Battles fought through the ages
Always shining through the pages
But, responses through time learned
Had ancient combatants spurred
People carving themselves new spaces

From already dead to freshly buried
Over lawyers and those who can not stay
Revolution that has none worried
Purely since existence finds a way

So it is the rain may peacefully calm
Offering guidance in their palm
Retaining clouds for slumber
Leaving protection to ore and lumber

A contract is formed, an era begins
A world cleansed of primordial sins
A tower built on solidarity
A sign that order brings verity

Prospering world of invention and luxuries
But, the single question that remains
When all is done, and the fog fades
Who will be left to share the memories?

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