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Changing Order: A Poem About Liyue from Genshin Impact

Another poem about Genshin Impact, this time the country of Liyue. I had a lot of trouble with this one because thinking about it more... Liyue is difficult to track down what the main mood of the country is. Hope it's still enjoyable.

Gold and justice are the sameBoth pay heavy prices The sun rises over highest mountain peakBathing glorious places in its lightBlue seas, forgotten caves and trees wideProtected by guardians through day and night So it was, so it never is againReason hard to comprehendLet now to a new age whenThe faithful, their divine order bend […]

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The Purest Cause - A Poem About Elesh Norn (Magic: The Gathering)

The Purest Cause – A Poem About Elesh Norn This time writing about the leader of New Phyrexia, Elesh Norn. Plan is to do one of these for every Praetor… let’s see how far I actually get with that. Join the family, my child… For too long, everything tries to resistWe have always and always […]

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The Breeze Holds a Story - A Poem about Mondstadt (Genshin Impact)

Hey, I actually did another of these poems, this time even feeling more confident calling it one. Good on me! This one is about the country Mondstadt, from the gayme Genshin Impact. Enjoy!

The Breeze Holds a Story – A Poem about Mondstadt (Genshin Impact) Let me tell you a story, of a land most fairLiberty, Feasts, Freedom, you’ll wish you were there… (What, I said the same thing twice?…Ehe) Where the breeze is gentle, the wild in peaceAnd one’s able to sleep under great treesWhere wine is […]

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Ballad to Madness - An Elden Ring "Poem"

A short little text about the Frenzied Flame Ending in the newest FromSoftware gayme, Elden Ring

Ballad to Madness A poem… or some sort of lyrical work… about the Frenzied Flame in Elden Ring, because I can never put that gayme down. The Frenzied Flame Ending is probably my favourite of the bunch, so I just wanted to do something for it and since I don’t have time to draw and […]

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