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The Breeze Holds a Story - A Poem about Mondstadt (Genshin Impact)
Hey, I actually did another of these poems, this time even feeling more confident calling it one. Good on me! This one is about the country Mondstadt, from the gayme Genshin Impact. Enjoy!
By Melanpiriks Posted in Blog, Gaming on September 12, 2022 0 Comments 2 min read
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The Breeze Holds a Story – A Poem about Mondstadt (Genshin Impact)

Let me tell you a story, of a land most fair
Liberty, Feasts, Freedom, you’ll wish you were there…

(What, I said the same thing twice?

Where the breeze is gentle, the wild in peace
And one’s able to sleep under great trees
Where wine is so great it will make your day
Although the cats will have none of that say
Where guardians of old are the most dreadful appearance
But only fiends are targets of their perseverance
Where knights in shining non-armour are no cruel judge
Able in abilities, stopping small and biggest smudge

And the breeze holds stories of days so old
Tyranny, slavery, all cruelty nowadays told
Old heroes, red, lion, and rebel who never surrender
Their bravery this day only one… remember…

The country also has places one shall forego
Like unknown adventure of where the wind never blo’
Like ruins of days old, plagued by storms
Like peaks of snow, haunted by dragon mourns

And the breeze holds stories of days so new
Bunnies of nobility, brightest smile one knew
Unmounted cavalry with scheming smirk
Dark red knight, always on alert
Dandy lion, watchful, never at rest
Guarding everything is her best
Lazy yet talented bookworm, with large- brain
Although a bit of a loose definition of sane

Der Wind erzählt jede Geschichte, alt und neu
So lange man der Freiheit immer bleibt treu
Auch du hast deinen Platz in der Brise
Zusammen überstehen wir jede Krise

And the breeze yet holds stories unheard
Shaking words written in stone, forsake the old
Old lovers reunite, lines of eternity blurred
Return of restful sleep from the leaf mold

Just take away this one, and alone one thing
In the end, freedom is the worthiest sing

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