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Revived Witch Is Celebrating Easter with the New Event Egg Collection
By Sassy Admin Posted in News on April 15, 2022 0 Comments 3 min read
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Pixel art mobile RPG Revived Witch is releasing a new event, Egg Collection, to celebrate Easter. To spice things up, 2 new UR Dolls, an Egg Hunt check-in event, a new costume, various rewards, and festival packs are also being released to celebrate the holiday.

Egg Collection with Various Rewards

The Easter celebration Egg Collection lasts from April 15th to April 29th. Players will receive Easter Eggs by clearing stages in Dreamworld. These eggs can be used to redeem a range of rewards such as Soul Cryolite, Soul, Average Destroyer Quartz, Average Skill Pact, Soul Dust, etc. Be sure to make good use of the Eggs before the redemption ends on April 29th. 

Additionally, a daily check-in event, Egg Hunt, will be available between April 15th and April 29th containing rewards including Soul Dust, Stamina Flask, Advanced Skill Pact, Soul, Average Runestone, Stamina Elixir, and Soul Cryolite.

About New Dolls

There are 2 brand new UR Dolls Isabel and Raphan. From April 15th and April 22nd, Isabel is introduced in the Dreamland Summon Pool where another lovely Doll, Raphan, will appear between April 22nd and May 3rd.

The executor of the Ideal Grace Isabel, UR Brimstone Assassin. 

Her Normal Skill allows her to attack the target in the back row while dispelling the target’s buffs. Her Chaos Skill will consume all the existing Chaos Energy and hit the target in the back row. Whenever one extra point of Chaos Energy is consumed, each hit deals bonus damage.

Claw of Destiny Raphan, UR Saltstone Destroyer.

Raphan’s Normal Skill can deal physical damage to all enemies. As a mix of human and wolf blood, her Chaos Skill grants her the ability to enter the Wolf Spirit State in which her attack increases and part of the damage dealt can heal her. Moreover, the Normal Skill has a chance to inflict a debuff on enemies. Conducting the Chaos Skill again in Wolf Spirit, Raphan can deal damage to all enemies and apply a shield.

New Arrivals at the Shop

A new costume for Sher, Renewed Memories, also comes along with the Easter event. Players can find it at the shop. Holiday packs are available including Easter Best Deal, Easter Basic, Advanced, and Deluxe Packs.

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