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By AJ_COOL79 Posted in Blog, Gaming, PC on May 20, 2021 0 Comments 6 min read
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Titanfall 2 has ruined every other FPS for me by being too perfect. Recently seeing its player count blow up due to a new character introduced in apex legends, its lowest price on sale, and also a free weekend has made me happy. You see, Titanfall 2 is a really solid shooter with a lot of original ideas and high octane multiplayer which is held responsible for taking my interest from Battlefield and Call of Duty. In this review, I will explain why Titanfall 2 is the best FPS.


Mechanics, Combat and Movement

Titanfall 2 is made from a modded version of the source engine from 2004 and despite that, the game looks absolutely beautiful and crisp. Developed by Respawn Entertainment and Published by American Devil Electronic Arts, Titanfall 2 has surprisingly 0 microtransactions. Most of the stuff can be unlocked by leveling up and grinding and Oh man! Isn’t the grinding fun! The movement in Titanfall 2 is very smooth and almost every move feels cinematic. It is the first time I felt this badass in a multiplayer game even though I am only killing the bots. This was the first time I have utilized this much melee in a multiplayer game.

There are 5 factions that unlock at different levels and are selectable by the player. In any PvP mode, members of one faction are put against members of others and are also given an entirely different cutscene at the start of the round. There are several multiplayer modes including co-op and PvP. In any PvP mode, after losing, the team has to evacuate a map by going to the dropship. The winning team’s job is to stop the evacuation by either killing all pilots or destroying the ship. This doesn’t reward anyone but hey! What is better than a final punch in the face. There are also non-player characters, in the field who can be killed. The game follows a Call of Duty and Battlefield-like loadout system but with more movement-focused customizable abilities not only for you but for your weapons too as you level up. There are also customizable kill banners with tons and tons of design choices that unlock really fast.

Sound, Maps and Skins

The audio is well balanced. The soundtrack is also epic.

All the maps are really large and have amazingly well-detailed interiors and equally big open areas and pathways for titans. Which makes it fun for everyone. There are a total of 25 maps that are randomly chosen at the start of the match or players can choose their own in private servers (admins only).

The only DLC’s for this game are skin packs which, to be honest, don’t look that great and can be easily ground in-game.

And at last, the movement, Titanfall 2 is a movement-focused game and it takes quite a while to master and get a hang of. Some loadouts include grappling hook and phasing, two separate but important parts of the movement. I like chose the grappling hook because it makes the overall movement a better change. Some common moment available to all the players is wall-running, and sliding (pressing crouch button while running). Players can also hop on enemy team’s titans to pop their battery making their charging abilities slower. Titans are not available to the player at the start of the match but rather when they charge up (UI tells that) but I have one problem with these titans. They are as fragile as cardboard taking enemy teams barely a second to destroy it. You can apply an ejection ability to the titan that basically ejects the player out before the titan is destroyed.

There are 10 types of titans unlockable by leveling up or through other easier ways each with its own skill sets, weapons, and tutorial videos. Players should try out each one to figure out which one fits their play style. My favorite is Tone because he has a predator canon that is really easy to aim and the ability to lock on an enemy titan and shoot a lot of missiles at them.



Titanfall 2 didn’t require one, but it has a really solid campaign mode that I didn’t expect. It is fairly linear and easy to understand and although there are optional dialogues, they only affect how other characters speak to you. It follows the story of Jack Cooper, a new rifleman who is training to be a titan pilot followed by a basic tutorial whose training is interrupted by a sudden war just before he can learn about titans. In the battle, most of his squad is dead and he is given the control of Titan BT-7274 by one of his senior pilots before he passes away. This was a truly emotional moment, at least for me. Players are then supposed to parkour to their crashed dropship and search for batteries for BT. After this process is done, the player can now operate BT, a titan stronger than all the titans in multiplayer combined. Player and BT then punch their way out to escape the planet. The campaign is then what I call a perfect ratio of parkour and gun combat ending in a breathtaking experience.

The campaign is not afraid to try out new concepts like time travel. Aww, yeah! There is a moment where you will cry. I won’t spoil that one for you. That one is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Throughout the campaign, boss battles are disguised as titan battles in which players fight off other enemy titans. BT is the only playable titans in-game that can change his loadout. To me, all this is a breath of fresh air in a world dominated by modern shooters. Do I like the campaign? You bet your ass I did. There were many references to the multiplayer world and Apex Legends that can be found throughout the campaign. The atmosphere is amazing, a war-torn world using technology to fight for resources.


With a totally solid campaign, single-player and multiplayer carried by bad-ass, fast-paced gameplay made the bar so high for other FPS by Respawn Entertainment. Every other FPS feels slow and boring compared to Titanfall. The game still has a solid community with the players only increasing. It is my honor to put Titanfall 2 in the ultimate masterpiece group.

I haven’t touched Call Of Duty since.


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